The power and reliability of crystalline silicon cells, combined with the lightness and flexibility of modern polymers.

The use of lightweight polymer films instead of traditional glass allows new applications for the proven technology of crystalline silicon cells.

The careful choice of materials and their thickness creates the right balance between protection of thin photovoltaic cells and the creation of a flexible and light case. Extreme flexibility, as seen in the picture, which will surprise anyone who has handled a crystalline solar cell, normally so brittle that they break under very low stress.

The polymers used are also characterized by high resistance to weathering, enabling certification according to IEC 61215 and 61730, a guarantee of long life even under the most extreme conditions, such as on racing yachts where the Solbian technology was applied for the first time.

The Solbian product, in its various versions, is a light, flexible and impact resistant PV module, which can even be walked upon. Lightness and flexibility make Solbian modules particularly suited to marine and sustainable mobility applications .


Series SP, SL, CP, CV - A cell for every need

The different fields of application of Solbian modules have led to a differentiation of the product related to the use of different types of cell. Starting by the use of reliable and highly efficient cells to the monocrystalline silicon have been defined the following series.

SP Series - The world's most powerful flexible modules made with the highest quality SunPower cells. "Back-contact" cells which hold the record for efficiency in commercial products, reaching 23% conversion of sunlight into electricity. The main market for this series of modules is marine and all those applications where it is important to get the most power from the smallest possible space, plus a very attractive aesthetic effect thanks to the smooth black surface of the SunPower cells.


SL Series - These modules use high efficiency cells, but conventional. The cells, of same size as SunPower (125 mm square), reach efficiencies of the order of 18% and represent a less expensive alternative for similar applications as the SP series.


CP Series - The use of 156 mm square cells allows further economies of scale while remaining at efficiency levels comparable with those of the SL series. The modules in this series, the largest in size and power, are aimed at campers, golf carts, electric cars, where typically larger surface areas are available.


CV Series - The latest product of Solbian, the series of modules for building integration, on roofs (greenhouses, sheds) and facades. Power ratings between 70 W and 240 W, which can be customized for any requirement, made with 156 mm square monocrystalline cells.


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