Why install a Solbianflex panel on one’s own building

Follow the curves

Give your architect a free hand

Integrate your plant in areas of high architectural and environmental protection

How many and how to use them:
examples of the use of solar panels

A copper sheet roof in an environmentally protected area?

Solbianflex panels cut to size and with a black back-sheet, they will disappear from view and supply energy with the maximum discretion.

In your garden, a tensile structure could become a small power plant, thanks to Solbian panels sewn onto the fabric. With ten square meters available and a well-sized energy storage system, you can charge your electric car without using the grid.

Why choose Solbian
panels at home?

The Solbianflex panels are light and flexible but as powerful as traditional glass modules. They can adapt to the most extravagant surfaces and be supported effortlessly by structures where the weight of traditional modules would be a problem.

Thanks to the availability of different back-sheet colors: white, black or transparent, together with the pleasant appearance of innovative cells such as the back-contact cells or the SXp series cells, Solbianflex modules are a prestigious and elegant feature for buildings.

The lightness and ease of application, for example with double-sided tape, make the installation of the modules simple and inexpensive with savings both on the support structures, and on the time needed to install.

Balconies, curved roofs, tensile structures, Sun-shades etc., the versatility of Solbianflex modules has already challenged architects in many countries, both in commercial projects and in competitions for solar homes. Solbian has gained repeated successes, with third place at the China 2013 Solar Decathlon and first places in Paris at the Europe 2014 Solar Decathlon and in the similar USA competition in 2015.

Design: Tembo