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Technical reports

More controllers on a battery

This report focuses on the best way to harvest all the possible energy from photovoltaic panels, namely to pair any single panel to a proper MPPT controller. Through a series of tests we evaluate the effects of connecting more controllers on the same battery.

Textured frontsheet

A detailed description of the new textured front sheet, its advantages and technical features compared to the smooth option.

Electrical connections

Pros and cons of different configurations are analyzed in this report: series connection, parallel connection and the combination "one panel - one controller".

Effects of operating temperature

This report answers a few important questions such as: is it possible to know the expected power in non standard conditions? which is the typical operating temperature of a panel? how important is the operating temperature in a mobility installation? 

Canvas Installation

Best practices to carry out canvas installations with Solbian flexible solar panels. 


Through a series of tests this report evaluates the effect of shadowing and the behavior of panels with bypass diodes.

Cleaning & Polishing

A series of advices to properly maintain your solar panels, how to keep them clean and polished using the right products and tools. 

Power need storage

The power output of a photovoltaic panel is well defined, but customers often have a hard time understanding its meaning and measuring its value. Our report aims to help you better understand this parameter.

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