Why a Solbianflex panel is important when you are far away from mains electricity.

It has the best power/weight ratio on the market

It has no glass which can break

It provides you with energy when nothing else can

How many and how to use them:
examples of the use of the solar panels

With bright sunlight the 12 W Energy Flyer provides over 2 A of current. Enough to fully recharge a cell phone in one hour, and to charge more power-hungry tablets.

Why Solbian panels
give you energy freedom

Although they are small, the quality is the same as the Solbian panels installed by major sports champions. The electronic circuit that completes the product has been designed by Solbian and is manufactured in Italy by leading electronics companies.

The advanced electronics combined with high quality and efficient cells ensure the highest level of durability and performance.

Connect the device you need to charge and expose the panel to the Sun. Enjoy the blue sky while the Sun's energy flows into your battery.

Whether sailing, driving, cycling, walking or hang-gliding, Solbian products have already proved their effectiveness in many corners of the globe.

Design: Tembo