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What makes Solbianflex panels innovative? The answer is simple: they are manufactured by encapsulating photovoltaic cells between polymer layers, without using protective glass. Solbian is not the only one to have followed this path, but it is the first to have developed a flexible, lightweight photovoltaic module using crystalline silicon cells, robust enough to pass the stringent tests of the IEC certifications (61215 and 62730): a result already obtained in 2011.

Solbian uses the best crystalline silicon cells from quality suppliers, like many other module manufacturers. However, the various polymer layers that encapsulate and protect the cells are an exclusive patented recipe, kept secret like all great industrial recipes. A recipe elaborated and improved over five years and constantly evolving to keep pace with technology.  

Eight layers of polymers and various surface treatments constitute the shell within which the very fragile crystalline cells (less than 0.2 mm thick) are transformed into a flexible, lightweight, and robust panel.

Besides continuous improvement of its photovoltaic modules, Solbian has always been involved in the development of the electronics, both through close cooperation with partners and by developing its own solar charge controllers.

Design: Tembo