Install a Solbianflex panel on your boat

Refrigerator always on

Engine always ready to start

Power your boat’s electrical equipment with the power of the Sun

How many and how to use them:
examples of the use of solar panels

How many solar panels are needed to keep the refrigerator on all day?
A 100 litres refrigerator has a power of 40 W. In 24 hours (assuming that the compressor runs for half of the time), it consumes about 480 Wh, which can be obtained, on a summer day, from 2 SP 50 panels or 1 SP 100 panel.

A small sailboat where the battery must be kept charged only for the radio and the navigation lights?
A SP 23 ALLinONE will do the job. Install it on your own, by simply connecting the cable already provided to your battery terminals.

Choose Solbian panels
when cruising

Solbian solar panels are a precious help when cruising. Keep your batteries charged and leave the refrigerator on and use other electrical devices without needing to use the engine.

The Solbianflex panels are beautiful, light and flexible. They can be fixed permanently or with removable fasteners onto the deck-house or on the bimini top, or simply exposed to the Sun when needed.

The Solbianflex panels generate energy silently and even in low-light conditions: just right for trouble-free relaxation at sea.

The Solbianflex panels have been tested under the toughest conditions: the great Italian skipper Giovanni Soldini uses these panels during his sea crossings. Resistance to salt water and adverse weather conditions, along with lightness and design, made them his perfect travel companions.

Design: Tembo