Energy Flyer

Energy Flyer is the most advanced solar USB charger in the market. The perfect choice for people who need energy without compromises, in the most critical missions, for leisure or work.

The solar panel: four high efficiency SunPowerTM cells encapsulated in a polymeric structure suited to resist impacts and weathering. A total power of more than 12 W and a special sensitiveness in low light condition.

The panel frame protects the edges and the four holes in the corners allows fixing the Energy Flyer to your backpack or on your tent.

The electronics: a MPPT charger able to maximize the solar panel power and in the meanwhile offer a stable 5V power supply via a standard USB port.

The charger is powered directly by the solar panel, even without any battery you will see its LED indicator glowing green as soon as enough light will shine on the panel face. The green light will turn red when a USB device is connected, signaling the charging status.

Technical data


12.5 W


360 g


280 mm


280 mm


4 mm


360 g

Cells no.


MAX power panels

12.5 W

MAX Current

2.4 A

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Design: Tembo