Aquarius Innovation Lab

Aquarius Innovation Lab


Source: Eco Marine Power

The Aquarius Innovation Lab conducts research & design plus product development activities related to marine renewable energy systems and fuel saving technologies.

Ongoing projects include the development of the Aquarius MRE System and EnergySail, both of which are being tested and evaluated at the lab.. The Aquarius Innovation Lab is unique in that it develops and tests a wide range of equipment in a multi-vendor environment thus providing solutions suited to ships ranging from small passenger ferries and tugboats to naval vessels, bulk ore carriers and cruise ships. The lab is also an international one and is currently working with vendors and suppliers from Italy, UK, Canada, Germany, USA and Japan. The Aquarius Innovation Lab is also being used to prepare new features for the Aquarius Management & Automation System (Aquarius MAS) and to support the development of new features for KEI's computer systems. The lab also acts as a technical suypport centre as required. The facility is located in Osaka, Japan, and includes an indoor test centre plus an outdoor area for evaluating the performance of hardware such as solar panels, rigid sails & wind power devices.

Innovation and Co-Operation 

The Aquarius Innovation Lab was established by KEI System Ltd and Eco Marine Power Ltd as part of their ongoing co-operation to develop fuel saving and emission reduction solutions. These solutions incorporate renewable energy, energy storage and computer system technologies. Equipment monitoring and performance management systems are also tested at the lab as are stand-alone units such as marine-grade flexible solar panels and MPPT controllers. A number of technology providers have supplied equipment to be evaluated at the lab and additional equipment is installed as required. It is via this type of co-operation that further innovative solutions will be developed which in turn is expected to help make shipping even more efficient and environmentally friendly in the years ahead.

Current Projects 

The following testing and/or evaluation projects are currently ongoing at the lab.

Aquarius MAS - development and testing of additional features.

Aquarius MRE System - prototype system testing & evaluation. (also preparation and support for sea trials)

EnergySail - prototype testing and evaluation. (including computer control system)

Marine Solar Power - evaluation of solar panels and MPPT hardware. 

Eco Marine Power collaborates with Solbian Energie Alternative in the development of applications related to solar cells. This cooperation includes nautical projects in the field of renewable energy for transportation, including the Aquarius MRE System.

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