ASOM Hosts Solar Mobility Expo in Berlin

ASOM Hosts Solar Mobility Expo in Berlin


The Alliance for Solar Mobility, also known as ASOM, hosted its annual event and solar mobility expo on Tuesday 4 October at MotionLab in Berlin, Neukölln. ASOM’s mission is to raise awareness for the growing industry of solar-powered vehicles. The Berlin event opened with a key note from Ignacio Asenjo, policy officer at the European Commission who is working on the EU solar strategy as well as Dr. Bonna Newman, ASOM Chair and program manager at the Dutch research institute TNO and Lars Löhle, Head of Product at Sono Motors. 22 ASOM partners showcased their vehicles and specialized solar technology, including Sono Motors, Lightyear, SunRider, IM Efficiency and OPES Solutions. 

Also attending at the event was Luca Bonci, CEO of Solbian, proving the company's great interest in collaborating with the most promising realities of solar mobility and being an active part of this major transition.

“Solar powered vehicles, where on-board solar cells produce electricity to power the vehicle or its electrical systems, are one of the best options for low or almost zero emission mobility. Solar mobility products have the potential to provide between 30% - 50% of the energy needed for electric transport by 2030, and can reduce the plug-in charging frequency by as much as 60% for an individual user”, explains Dr. Bonna Newman, ASOM chair and program manager TNO. “This means that solar mobility solutions act as real and sustainable enablers for electrification, since one of the biggest hurdles with traditional electric vehicles is that an enormous infrastructure of charging points has to be in place. Vehicles that are powered by the sun have the potential to free both private and commercial drivers from dependence on the grid.”

At the European Solar Mobility event in Berlin, vehicles like the Lightyear One, the SunRider, Infinite Mobility, and body parts of the Sion from Sono Motors were showcased. The high-tech solar-powered vehicles were accompanied by solar mobility experts and manufacturers from Exypnos, IM Efficiency, AGC, TNO, Fraunhofer ISE and OPES solutions. Political, automotive and PV industry guests attended and discussed important questions on how to further support the whole industry, like a common definition of a solar vehicle, how policy can support the industry and how policies in different EU countries affect solar mobility. 

“The event was a great success and we are extremely proud to see this industry thriving. We started ASOM in 2021 with 5 partners and have now grown to over 25 partners in only 2 years. Our partners themselves have grown into relevant players and OEMs in the electric vehicle segment with several hundred new jobs being created every year”, concludes Dr. Newman.

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