F-Trailer: a new generation of solar-powered food trailers

F-Trailer: a new generation of solar-powered food trailers


The Tesla Destination Tour, a journey to discover the Tesla Destination Chargers in Italy, continues.

F-Trailer, the food trailer designed by VS Veicoli Speciali and towed by a Tesla Model X, is the main attraction of this tour, an innovative solution, fully eco-friendly. It’s a real traveling kitchen, equipped with induction plates, refrigerators, hood, LED lighting and an autonomous water system with low consumption heating.

Powered by batteries connected to photovoltaic panels and equipped with a professional kitchen, the F-Trailer has been designed to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, through materials and elements designed for the purpose.

The energy required is provided by the Solbian solar panel system: a power of almost 1400W for a total weight of only 18 kg. A combination made possible both by the high degree of customization offered by Solbian panels, which allowed to fully exploit the available spaces, and by the proprietary technology of the Turin company that uses last generation cells protected by technopolymers able to offer resistance and durability, even with a thicknesses of a few tenths of a millimeter.

The solar panels use monocrystalline silicon cells and a "multi-busbar" electrical contact that optimizes the yield even in low light situations and favors the system resilience to small damages, whose frequency is higher on moving vehicles. A system optimized also in terms of electrical performance, the photovoltaic field is divided into 5 independent sections, each controlled by a high efficiency charge controller and equipped with MPPT algorithm (Maximum Power Point Tracking). This allows the 5 sections to work in unison when the trailer is open (and the panels are all oriented in the same way), and to contribute as much as possible even when the trailer is closed and the orientation towards the Sun is not even.

In the best conditions, represented by a sunny summer day, the plant can supply 8 kWh of energy during the day. A significant amount, able to exceed the onboard kitchen consumption.

Thanks to its energy independence, F-Trailer represents an ideal solution for street trade, it can be positioned and towed everywhere, with no need to be grid connected. A versatile food truck that opens up new and interesting scenarios for professionals in this sector.

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