Golden Globe Race 2018 with Francesco Cappelletti

Golden Globe Race 2018 with Francesco Cappelletti


After 50 years from the original edition and the success of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the Golden Globe Race is back, a solo round the world that in 1968 turned Bertrand Moistessier into a legend, and now, as then, has only one Italian among the participants: the Tuscany born Francesco Cappelletti

Sailing solo, non-stop around the world, without assistance or satellites to help for 30000 miles - equal to almost 9 months at sea - clearly represent a huge challenge, which requires great technical, physical and mental skills from the participants.

Entrants are limited to yachts and equipment similar to what was available to Sir Robin in that first edition; Francesco will sail aboard 007, a 1970 Endurance 35 which is undergoing numerous works in view of the upcoming competition.

Francesco's boat differs from the others for being the one with the greatest amount of solar energy on board and also for the special Microwater (all electromechanical as the materials used at the time of the first GGR) aboard.

The 800 watt of flexible photovoltaic panels installed on 007 are made by Solbian and will feed the storage batteries provided by CRUX (Lead Batteries) to power the Microwater produced by Morelli Spa, able to convert the air humidity into drinking water.

Innovative Automation, on behalf of Morelli Spa, integrated the entire system with the on-board electrical systems.

The Golden Globe Race program starts on June 11 in Falmouth, Cornwall for technical checks, followed by the parade on June 14. The group will then head to Les Sables d'Olonne, France, for the start, scheduled for July 1st.

Design: Tembo