Independent Testing

Independent Testing


Ten years have passed since the first experimental installation of Solbianflex panels on Giovanni Soldini's Class 40. Since then our best testing ground have been our customers, and tens of thousands of panels manufactured and used all around the globe. Nevertheless we appreciate receiving comparison tests between our products and their similars, and below we point out a few of them made by companies reselling both our panels and those of competitors. Without further comments, we list hereunder their documents.

Oceanplanet trials:

Giocosolution/Solbian comparison
Solara/Solbian comparison
Victron/Genasun comparison
Giocosolution GSC vs Solbian SP e SXp
Giocosolution GSC170 vs Solbian SP137

Asseaboat trials:

Quanto rende un pannello? (in Italian, published on Solovelanet)

Design: Tembo