New partnership signed between Solbian and Culture Sailing

New partnership signed between Solbian and Culture Sailing


A new partnership has been sealed between Solbian and Culture Sailing, a company that organizes cultural sailing rallies and cruises.

With the upcoming Round Sicily 2018 - a summer sailing voyage around Sicily during September 2018 - Solbian and Negozio Equo will create blueprints and best practices for boat owners who want to improve their energy onboard, explaining all about this topic during the Culture Sailing rally’ seminars.

At the end of the rally a Solbian solar panel will be offered as a special prize to the winner who participated at the rally, won the amateur regatta, and answered appropriately to all the test questions.

On top of that, Negozio Equo will have exclusive discounts for all enrolled boats and Roberto Minoia will talk about energy onboard during the seminar, touching all the main aspects, from consumption to production and batteries.

Design: Tembo