New partnership signed between Solbian and ILOOXS: solar energy meets aesthetics

New partnership signed between Solbian and ILOOXS: solar energy meets aesthetics


A new partnership between Solbian Energie Alternative and ILOOXS Technologies has been signed in the past weeks.
In the photovoltaic sector since 2007, Solbian developed a keen eye for design from the very beginning, a particular attention to aestethics in order to reduce the visive impact and allow for a better integration of the modules with their surroundings.

The partnership with ILOOXS further strengthens this concept, the startup has developed a process that allows to cover the panel’s surface with colored pigments without any considerable loss in terms of efficiency. A cutting-edge technology that makes it possible to create high quality textures and images for the panels, giving plenty of room to graphic customization and opening the doors to innovative scenarios for the photovoltaic sector.

ILOOXS is a project born in 2013 with the purpose of developing a prototype of fashion accessory capable of generating and storing energy thanks to the Sun power.
From this moment on, ILOOXS took a path focused on research that took the Italian company to many fields of appliance, like the automotive and nautical sectors.

The two Turin based companies join a niche market of solar applications, combining the efficiency and flexibility of Solbian products to the high aesthetic value of ILOOXS solutions. The nautical field, where Solbian is leader, represents the baseline market, but the attention is also towards bigger markets, architecture in particular, where Elon Musk is alone at the moment.

During the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge in July, the two companies have presented the first customized product born from their collaboration: a flexible solar panel with a texture resembling teak, a material largely used on boats.

The semi flexible solar panels manufactured by Solbian broaden therefore the choice in terms of customization, giving more freedom to clients installations and opening new possibilities of application in fields never considered before.

Design: Tembo