Photovoltaics meet mini wind power

Photovoltaics meet mini wind power


Solbian flexible solar panels become part of a particular installation on a wind generator.

The system, designed and installed by INNOVATIVE AUTOMATION S.r.l., combines wind power with Solbian photovoltaic panels.

The OMNIFLOW generator, supplied by the brand official Italian dealer Morelli S.p.A, belongs to the mini wind turbines category and it’s a hybrid solution featuring both a 3kW horizontal axis wind turbine and a photovoltaic system of 624Wp for a maximum deliverable power of about 3.6kW in total.

The photovoltaic system have been adapted to the complex geometry of the wind generator thanks to the high adaptability of Solbian solar panels that can be largely customized, moreover its yield has been optimised using multiple MPPT charge regulators, the same technique used on racing sailboats.

The generator is connected to a 10kWh battery pack and is located on top of a hill at Cascina Pizzi in Santo Stefano Belbo (CN).

The energy directly produced and/or taken from the bettery pack is then converted back to 230V 50Hz alternating current by a Victron Energy inverter which supplies the farmhouse utilities, including the air conditioning and humidity control system of the wine storage cellar. Cascina Pizzi is a winery and owns the entire hill of vineyards for the production of Moscato.

Design: Tembo