PowerDocks Wins Big at the 2018 Progressive Miami International Boat Show

PowerDocks Wins Big at the 2018 Progressive Miami International Boat Show


Fall River, MA –  PowerDocks, LLC announces the winning of the prestigious 2018 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show Product Innovation Award presented during the boat show’s annual Innovation Breakfast, held at Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin on Virginia Key during the show, February 15-19th.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored PowerDocks in recognition of the exceptionally ground breaking new consumer marine BlueIsles™ Solar Microgrid Dock innovation.  The BlueIsles™ Solar Microgrid Dock is a first of its kind floating solar dock outfitted with walkable textured photovoltaics (solar modules) manufactured by the Italian company Solbian, a useful solution to provide renewable electrical power to boaters located in remote locations away from marinas.  This new 10ft x 20ft solar dock platform featured 1,248 watts of solar power generation, guaranteed by 24 SP52 L flexible solar panels, the best on the market in terms of efficiency, due to the SunPower™ monocrystalline cells that can reach a record 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity.

The platform provides 4,000 kilowatt-hours of energy storage, and power distribution capability via 120VAC, 30A, and 50A marine power outlets.   

The new solar dock offers multiple boaters the benefit to dock and power up for extended period of time without the need to carry power generators.  Anthony Baro, managing  partner of PowerDocks, states “marinas and municipalities will now have the ability to expand their docking capacity to remote locations and can also transform their floating infrastructure into sustainable off-grid and connected power facilities”.  The new Blue Isles™ Solar Docks can be interconnected to marinas’s electrical grid systems for obtaining net metering credits to offset power usage expenditures and or interconnected as distributed generation facilities for selling the power to local utilities in applicable jurisdictions. 

The BlueIsles™ Solar Dock was featured at the show’s first ever Solar Electric Power Zone and demonstrated the capability to recharge a Bruce 22T electric marine propulsion powered boat built by Canadian Electric Boat Company outfitted with a Torqueedo electric motor.

 “We are humbled by the incredible interest and response to our solar floating dock.  Our docks are completely customizable in size, materials, energy generation and storage configurations to serve the needs of our customers” states Anthony Baro.  “We are excited to offer environmentally friendly solutions to boaters and marine industries seeking to benefit and positively impact our environment” stated Chris Fagan.  

PowerDocks, LLC develops Marine Autonomous Powered Docking Platforms (MAPDs) capable of delivering onsite critical power and enhanced operational capabilities to a broad range of customer applications, including: Yachting, Defense, Oceanographic, Aquaculture and Offshore Commercial industries worldwide.

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