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Solar Decathlon Europe: Italy to participate with the project “RhOME for denCity

Solar Decathlon Europe: Italy to participate with the project “RhOME for denCity


Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 will take place in Versailles, France, 20 teams representing 41 universities have been selected for the competition.

Each project is rated for 10 contests and 6 international juries will establish the winner: an energy-independent housing unit that is affordable, produces as much or more energy than it consumes and fits into the environment of the country of origin. The 2014 event begins June 27 and the Italian team of “RhOME for denCity” is among the participants. RhOME, a home for Rome, is a house for everyone, affordable, sober, with high energy efficiency performances and optimal comfort conditions.

The all-Italian project also involves Solbian with its flexible solar panels which will be integrated in the shading screens of the loggias and cover the electrical requirements of the house.

The key principles behind the project are to re-densify, to re-qualify, to relate, to reduce, to re-green, to re-energize.

The reference model is Rome, analyzed from two points of view: the peripheral area with the presence of illegal buildings close to the ancient ruins and the dismissed railway areas that are often located in city centers of the main Italian towns.

A few more months and then we can follow the RhOME team in a competition that brings together professionals, teachers, students and the general public and raise awareness on the benefits and opportunities offered by the use of renewable energies and by sustainable construction.

Design: Tembo