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Solbian sponsor of an all-female team: The Coxless Rowers

Solbian sponsor of an all-female team: The Coxless Rowers


“Four ordinary girls. One extraordinary adventure” is The Coxless Rowers motto, an all female ocean rowing team that decided to take on a very big challenge: a 8,446 mile row across the Pacific Ocean.

They will be the first all-female team to do that, breaking three World Records. A challenge that becomes even more impressive thanks to the girls’ efforts to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. The row, that will start in April, 2014, will be divided into three stages: from Long Beach in California to Hawaii, from Hawaii to Samoa and from Samoa to Cairns, Australia.

At the end of each stage there will be a break of about a week to restock the boat, repair and replenish their supplies as well as share their experience with the local, national and international media across three continents This route has only ever been completed by solo and pairs teams, therefor it is a truly unique event and a very noble cause that Solbian decided to sponsor providing the team with its panels, a contribution that the company is happy to give to this incredible adventure.

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