Solbian to renew partnership with famous sailor Giovanni Soldini

Solbian to renew partnership with famous sailor Giovanni Soldini


Giovanni Soldini chooses Solbian as Technical Partner for the photovoltaics on board the new Maserati Multi70 trimaran. 

The custom-made solar system has been designed purposely for the boat's transition to a full electric power supply: 1472 Wp of SP and SR series panels have been placed on the stern wing in addition to the modules previously installed.

The last few months have been a real challenge for the Maserati team: on August 18th a violent windstorm hurled the boat to the ground, causing extensive damage followed by major repairs that inevitably slowed down the schedule.

The core of the Maserati Multi70 full electric project focuses on research, innovation and technology, the goal for spring 2023 is to achieve a completely reliable system in order to take the trimaran around the world with zero ecological impact.

Inside an unpredictable environment such as the ocean and with competitive standards to be met, landing the internal combustion engine represents a real pioneering challenge. The new system will rely entirely on alternative energy sources thus reaching maximum efficiency will be top priority.

On-board photovoltaics can cover the daily need for 2.5kW in navigation, but in the event of prolonged bad weather it may be problematic to store sufficient energy for in-port maneuvering.

Therefore, to further optimize the system, a special dense battery, developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna as part of the LIBER project, complements the Solbian solar plant.

All the energy generated and stored will then power the full electric engine developed by Eng. Igor Gioffi.

With the support of Maserati Innovation Lab engineers, the goal of full electric, which will be reached at the end of this pilot phase, will put Maserati Multi70 in a fully autonomous condition.

Design: Tembo