Solbian unveils new products at Mets 2022

Solbian unveils new products at Mets 2022


At Metstrade 2022, the world's largest b2b trade show for the marine industry, Solbian is ready to broaden its field of action and introduce a series of new products that, together with solar panels, will form a complete, ready-to-use system that will be officially available from mid 2023.

All Solbian branded, the charge controller, monitoring display, control unit and sensors will further expand the company’s range of equipment. 

The devices will communicate with each other via wifi, providing a range of data that the user will be able to consult on the display or online to keep track of the system's status at all times; in addition, the sensors will report any issues on board.

The modular control unit-sensor kit has been developed in collaboration with METECA SA. Thanks to Meteca IoT technology, the battery-powered sensors communicate on a sub-GHz network with the control unit, which not only manages the entire network, but also communicates the status of the system via Wi-Fi/BT to both the user (PC/Tablet/Smartphone) and the Solbian display. The controller also allows the status of all Solbian on-board systems (sensors and charge controllers) to be transmitted to the cloud via the 4G interface. 

This shows the company’s drive to evolve and respond to market needs, going from panel manufacturers to providers of complete solutions for the marine industry and beyond.

Metstrade 2022

November 15-17

STAND 05.461


1078 GZ Amsterdam

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