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My SOLBIAN Energy-Flyer experience after 8 months and almost 14’000 km

My SOLBIAN Energy-Flyer experience after 8 months and almost 14’000 km


At first I would like to refer to my first report on January 2016 from Iran, when I was about 7’000 km on the road with a SOLBIAN Energy-Flyer. I wrote: “Energy-Flyer did a great job on this leg, no sandstorms could stop it...!” and now half a year later and another 7’000 km more in my legs I can say exactly the same, including snow storms!

The portable energy solution from SOLBIAN gave me a lot of freedom and helped me to respect the environment. I didn’t use a single battery on my journey. Buying them on the way wouldn’t be a problem, but carefully recycling them in countries like Kazakhstan is simply impossible! I met travellers who carried a set of 7 exchangeable mobile phone batteries in order to have enough power for a week. I met others who cycled from hotel to hotel, missing all the amazing campsites in between, saying that they needed to charge their devices. My solar panel was like a miracle to them, and so it is still to me.

On my way back to Switzerland I took a little detour to Torino to visit the factory of SOLBIAN. I was received very kindly and spent the whole day learning about solar technology, how my Energy-Flyer was built and how many other amazing products are created here. Luca Bonci, CEO of SOLBIAN, was surprised how good the shape of my panel still was after more than 12’000 km.

Later this week I met a friend of mine south of Gotthard in Airolo. He accompanied me over the Alps. The Gotthard pass was still snowy. So we prepared two snowboars and pulled our bikes over partly deep snow. It was a fantastic end of my journey in the middle of May 2016. I started this journey in October 2015 and was riding through winter. Some days were cold, but the most difficult part for me was the short sunlight period, the early sunsets and the late sunrises. In this time I realized how much our live is depending on the Sun. I was feeling like falling in love with it every morning and missing it crazily when it went below horizon 10 hours later!

Since two months I am back home in Switzerland. My life here feels very different from before. But there is one thing that I still use to do like before, I charge my mobile devices every day with the Energy-Flyer. Well it doesn’t make my phone faster or better, but the fact that it’s powered ecologically is amazing! Since then I pack my Energy-Flyer for every little weekend adventure. I took it on a ski tour, a hiking tour, a short trip to the beach and there I charged my phone and the ones of my friends. It’s weight of 200g is much less than any other mobile charging system and the source is never ending!

My best greetings from Zurich to everyone below this beautiful sun!
Juri on the road

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